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3 Easy Steps to Window Replacement

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Blog, windows | 0 comments

The three main steps of a window replacement project are selection, installation, and service/warranty coverage.



Before finding the appropriate window replacement, you would have to communicate with prospective partners such as home improvement stores, contractors, or window replacement manufacturers. You would have to learn about your options for installation, whether by partnering with a contractor, a home improvement store, or a manufacturer. You can even go the DIY route, if you have enough experience and know-how. Afterwards, come up with a window budget so that you won’t incur any unnecessary expenses. Measure your current windows carefully and accurately, and then get product quotes from your potential partners. After all of this, you can choose a partner to work with for your window replacement project by weighing all the pros and cons for each one.



For this phase, you would have to establish a window installation plan, with a workable schedule. Prepare your home for the installation dates according to your schedule, especially for entire window replacements, as this can leave your house open and vulnerable. In such a case, make security tight. Make sure that installers do not disrupt the rest of your house during this stage.


Warranty/Service Coverage

After installation of replacement windows, you should know how to care for your new windows and operate them. Note the persons you should contact in case there are problems with the installation or the window replacements themselves. Also take note of the items that are covered by your warranties, and those that aren’t.



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