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Approach on Stucco Siding

by | May 20, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Some contractors think of working with stucco to be an art form. There are service providers who specialize in stucco. Others who may be able to handle stucco repair include general contractors, painters and handyman services.

Repair techniques depend on the size of the cracks and the specific makeup of your home’s stucco: Hairline cracks are most effortlessly handled, sometimes with a premade stucco patch material that has elasticity. That kind of repair may cost you a few hundred dollars for a small job, with the cost rising based on the length of the crack. Repairing cracks a penny width or larger can cost thousands, and need removing paint and loose pieces of stucco.

Crack maintenances may last for months or decades, depending on what’s causing the fissure. A hairline crack overhaul may last for years, while a surface repair of a larger crack caused by an underlying problem, such as a settling home, may require repeated repair.


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