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Disaster Recovery: Planning Damage Repair With Insurance

At a time when homes have become more vulnerable to natural disasters such as fires, floods, storms, and hurricanes, it is perhaps one of the best pieces of advice to insure your home against such contingencies. Relying on insurance minimizes the loss that so many...

Disaster Recovery: What To Do With Asbestos

For a house built before 1990, there is a high probability that it contains asbestos fibro sheeting, which is quite difficult to determine. Oftentimes, it is not visible whether the fibro sheeting has asbestos or doesn’t. The best thing to do in such a situation is to...

What is Synthetic Stucco?

After the 1950’s, stucco remained popular as an exterior, but people wanted a cheaper alternative to this. Synthetic stucco was then created, which is made of cement panels or foam insulation board secured to the walls. While this synthetic alternative looks genuine,...

Stucco as Decoration

While stucco sidings gained popularity in America only during the twentieth century, it has been used in architecture for far long before this, even going back to the ancient era. The ancient Romans and Greeks constructed wall frescoes by putting their art on surfaces...

Stucco Wall and its Uses

Stucco is not, strictly speaking, a building material. However, it is not just a thin veneer, either. It is the finish applied to the wall. Therefore, a stucco wall is not entirely made of stucco. It has a base which is then covered in layers of stucco.   The...

Transform Your Boring Stucco Home into a Glamorous Estate

While stucco has many advantages which makes it so popular with homeowners and designers, it can look a bit dull and boring if you don’t work with it creatively. You can easily fix this by adding other elements into the mix. Instead of an old, uninspired home, make a...

“Thank your Company and Eduardo for a job well done. Your men worked very hard and were incredibly polite. Many thanks!”

Susi Silesky

“Thank you very much for the fine job your people did on our house and for making the corrections and completions so quickly and efficiently. We are the envy of the neighborhood.”

E. Patterson

“We went with UNITED GBC because they were the most responsive of the three companies we received estimates from. They were the middle price though all of the prices were competitive and within 15% of each other.

Kelly Sim J.

“Just finished showing off our new paint job to a friend. We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product or the process. You, Jose, and Carlo’s were all fantastic! They could not have been any more respectful to us or in how they treated our home. “

Pablo A.

“We are so thoroughly pleased with the work that was completed today in our front foyer and also on our bathroom ceiling! Victor and his reliable crew left my home impeccable. Their attention to detail and obvious knowledge of their craft was quite apparent.

Jeannie M.

“We’ve had APS doing extensive work both at our home and at our office building. They do excellent work, and are neat, clean, and fairly priced. They also are very responsive to calls and emails. They will be hired again.”

Laurent D.

“Nothing but extreme professionalism coupled with a high work ethic! Loved the attention to detail that your crew had with my home. They were friendly and most importantly, they left my home clean!”

Rose Gunther

“We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that your company rates second to none! Jose and his teams did an outstanding job at our home this week. They were polite, clean, and professional; their work was top-notch and above our expectations.”

The Campbells

“Your guys did great work and so I wanted to post the following review for your company. My ex had used your guys and had a good experience so I decided to give it a try when I bought a new house. Made appt & salesperson showed up on time and gave me a quote on the spot with a reasonable price.”

Thomas Y.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product or the process.”

Cindy K.