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  • Hurricane Protection

    Impact glass protects your family from flying debris and projectiles during severe weather.

  • Improve Energy Efficiency

    Impact Windows & Doors will lower your energy expenses up to 30%

  • Noise Reduction

    Impact glass can reduce outside noises by up to 65%..

  • Increase Home Security

    Shatterproof glass technology keeps thieves at bay and discourages home invasions

  • Lower Insurance Rates

    Protecting all entrances with impact products can lead to thousands of dollars in annual savings on home insurance.

  • Improve Property Value

    Add to your home’s value by choosing beautiful Windows & Door designs.


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    Before we place your order, our technician will confirm all measurements taken during your consultation. Now we are ready to start the Permit Application processing.


    When the Windows & Doors are ready, we’ll schedule with you the Installation
    We will schedule your final inspection with the city at your convenience.

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    Don’t let cost prevent you from
    Protecting your Home & Family from
    Hurricanes and Intruders
    We offer financing through Ygrene

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    completely satisfied with the
    installation and provide
    a Lifetime Guarantee

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    We’ll provide you with a
    itemize quote for your
    Windows and Doors at the
    time of initial inspection.

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    We spoke to a dozen companies, all of whom seemed disinterested. Many companies didn’t even bother to return my phone call. The Rep from UNITED GBC came by my home next day as scheduled and promptly gave us a quote. This company goes out of their way to show you that they actually care about us as a customer. In South Florida, that’s very rare.
    After a recommendation from a friend, I contacted Luis from UNITED GBC to install hurricane windows in our home. Not only did they have the best price, but that price was for a top quality PGT product. The installers were prompt and super neat. And they were in contact throughout the entire permitting process. I’d recommend them to anyone anytime.
    Windows and our Front door were great! Sales rep (Chris) was great! Installers (Ceaser and his brother) where great! Everything ran smoothly and they were the lowest priced company I had quote my house.
    After the last storm my wife and I realized that we need to be fully prepared for hurricanes every year. My family’s safety is the most important thing to me. So, we decided to have hurricane impact windows and doors replace the existing windows on my house. I contacted a few different companies and arranged a meeting with the representatives from each company to discuss their initial plan for the project. Only United GBC cared enough about earning my business that the owner and a project manager met with me. The other two companies sent salespersons. Jim laid out a plan that was to my complete satisfaction. Each step of the plan was thorough and professional, and that was the part that sold me. They completed the project without an issue and they exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
    The United gbc Window team completed the installation of our new windows on Friday. I don’t know what to say except the entire process with everyone on this team at United Window was great. From the initial meeting with the company, we got our questions answered and all paperwork was explained thoroughly. We were kept informed about the Permitting Process and during the Installation they did take extra precautions to keep our home clean and free from any Dust.
    Thank you!
    We compared prices from a few different companies, but we decided to go with UNITED GBC. Even though they weren’t the least expensive, they were still very affordable, and I was most confident with them than any of the other companies. And when dealing with something as important as my home, the confidence and getting the job done right was more important than saving a few dollars. My home looks great with the new impact windows and two doors are excellent. We are very happy and have already referred 2 other neighbors to them.
    United gbc is an excellent choice for hurricane windows and doors. The product quality, craftsmanship and follow up was superb and well executed. Their Installers must be commended for their efforts as they were all so client friendly and professional and very neat. I highly recommend United gbc over any South Florida competitors. Especially my wife was very pleased the way they cleaned and paid so much attention to detail before they left our house and with the overall performance, quality and communication.
    Energy Saving with Impact Windows & Doors

    Our hurricane windows are energy-efficient and will help to keep your home’s temperature constant even on the hottest of summer days. By reducing the stress placed on your HVAC system, our impact windows can even help to reduce your monthly utility costs. In fact, it has been shown that inefficient windows and doors consume over 40 percent of your home’s annual energy budget.

    Why us

    UNITED GBC – Windows & Doors is Florida based and known for quality workmanship and consistent, on-time completion of New and Replacement Window and Impact Entry Doors. We have been serving South Florida for over eighteen years now. We are confident that our company will provide you with the best to the lowest cost. UNITED GBC is licensed and fully insured.

    We Beat anyone’s legitimate offer *