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Clients to Build for Life

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

The South Australian construction firm, with a multistorey license and four separate divisions, is able to take care of its customers through all of life’s major stages. From a young couple’s first home, to a mid-career fit-out for their office during middle age, to property investment advice in their golden years, APS can handle it all.

Hundreds of property owners have already become “clients for life,” utilizing the company’s services for the third, the fourth, and even the fifth time. “And then it goes to the second generation when their kids start buying their first homes,” Mr Schnaars shares.

APS’s first division, APS Homes, specialises in custom built extravagance homes. A second division, APS Developments, deals with multiunit development projects. APS Built Commercial Construction and Fit out covers a range of projects, from “building a car wash on the corner of a suburban street to multistorey building.” A fourth division, APS Consulting, delivers development feasibility and consulting services to help clients create wealth through property investment.

APS’ personalised service guarantees that clients get exactly what they want, no matter what the project. To provide its complete, individualised solution, the one-stop shop employs professionals across the industry’s key areas: project management, construction management, building supervision, contract administration and financial management. Thus, every client is definite to “get individual knowledge and expertise in five different areas,” Mr Schnaars points out. For example, “if we are digging the footings [for a client], we have an in-house engineer that can talk them all the way through the construction process and the preconstruction process.”

This expert competence also allows the team to specialise in challenging, innovative jobs. “We do a lot of difficult sites,” says Mr Schnaars. “We do a lot of sloping sites, split level sites, retaining walls, those sorts of things.” These homes are specially designed to maximise the site and to fulfil the client’s vision, while also keeping a close eye on the budget. The goal for every job – whether a private home, commercial fit-out, or architecturally designed renovation – is to fully maximise the true value of the property investment.


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