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Combine Stucco with Stone Cladding

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Stone cladding has been gaining preference as a decorative material for homes across the country for its ability to transform boring houses into luxurious-looking ones. Combining stone cladding with decorative stucco is an even better way to liven up your home. Stucco is used as an anchor for the stone cladding to stand out. Stucco therefore acts as the base with a neutral hue and even texture. The stone cladding then acts as an accent piece that pops out and creates the overall aesthetic.


The color palette of the stone veneer should match well with the stucco’s hue, which is usually neutral in tone, like grey, cream, light orange, or peach. The stone veneer then adds colors to this muted base and you can play with various shapes, textures, and colors for this. Creativity takes center stage for a project such as this, as there are so many options when it comes to stone cladding.


You can personalize each piece and combine the stone panels, stone cladding, and stone veneer with the design and texture of the stucco to your own liking. There are infinite ideas for mixing and matching, which will really allow you to create the best look for your home. Now doesn’t that sound exciting?



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