How UNITED GBC Stacks Up
Against it’s Competition

So what makes UNITED GBC different from other custom home builders? We can tell you it’s because we’ve been in the business for over 14 years now, and we have a tradition of quality craftsmanship, architectural integrity, and unique floor planning that utilizes every square inch, along with the commitment to be intimately involved with every detail and solid management of every job makes the building of your dream nest a pleasant experience. UNITED GBC a truly custom home builder that stands above the rest 

Architecturally distinct

We have a passion for building architecturally distinct structures. Whether it’s superb lay-out and practical flow, thicker porch columns or wider trim around a home’s front entrance with low cost add-ons or finishes, UNITED GBC focuses on architectural details that are inviting, warm and encourage neighbor interaction. We take our time and plan out every element of each community before any tree is cut down, or any piece of land is altered. We utilize landscape architects, engineers and planning professionals that work together to create charming, family-oriented house that will enrich your quality of life

Quality Craftsmanship

A high-quality home that suits your family needs and desires at an affordable price. We understand firsthand what our homebuyers want. That’s why our homes are not built for quantity, but instead quality. Rest assured your home will be constructed with quality materials and the labor of experienced craftsmen. In fact, before using any material, it must meet our specifications for quality and durability. In addition, we only use subcontractors that we know and trust — some of which have been building with us for many years 

Unique Floor Plans 

At UNITED GBC, we don’t like to see a square foot wasted. That’s why we continue to alter and massage floor plans until each space is designed to its fullest potential. In fact, many of our customers have told us their 2,000-square-foot homes, for example, feel and live like a 2,500-square-foot home.

Our unique floor plans challenge convention to ensure they are functionally sound. We don’t believe in the tradition of affordable custom home builders that squeeze a family’s needs and wants into their existing floor plans. Instead, we give YOU the power to either alter an existing floor plan or design your own home from scratch that matches your personality, needs and desires at a comfortable budget.

Call today to turn your dream into reality.

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