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Disaster Recovery: Planning Damage Repair With Insurance

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

At a time when homes have become more vulnerable to natural disasters such as fires, floods, storms, and hurricanes, it is perhaps one of the best pieces of advice to insure your home against such contingencies. Relying on insurance minimizes the loss that so many homeowners experience after ravaging natural disasters.


If your house and its contents are insured, you should make sure to contact your insurance company after the disaster as early as possible. Informing them right away of such a fact would let them send an assessor right away to inspect the damage to your house. You should take note of all the important details in this process. Write down the persons you communicated with, the time and date of such communication, and the details of such. This ensures accountability along the way.


Keep a good record of the damage to your house by taking photographs inside and outside of the house. In this way, the records will not be altered by any potentially scrupulous individual. Having a reliable record of the damage involved ensures that you get back the proper amount of insurance, proportionate to the actual damage.  Afterwards, wait for the assessor from the insurance company to finish inspecting the damage. In the meantime, do not hire a contractor for repairs, unless your insurance company instructs you to do so, because this could affect and alter your insurance claim.


Also, keep all evidence of damage. Do not dispose of any damaged property until the insurance company has already noted it and instructed you to do so. Food and other perishable items can be recorded by photographing, and may then be thrown away to avoid safety issues such as poisoning.


After the insurance assessor’s inspection, when all the damaged items have been noted down, check that everything in the insurance company’s record is accurate and compatible with your own assessment, so that your claim will not be affected. When inspection is finally done, you can go about with the home repairs. Start with asking your insurance company for a list of licensed contractors whom they may prefer. You can hire a contractor from this list, or one of your own preference if your insurance contract allows you to do so.


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