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Give Your Front Door a Makeover with Paint

by | May 27, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Your home’s look could be dramatically changed by your front door. It is, after all, one of the first things in your home that anyone sees. You can design your front door in whatever way that suits your personality, whether you want the minimalist look or a front door with more flair and drama. Follow these steps to redoing your front door for that added oomph.


Detach your door.

You cannot simply paint over your front door while it is still hinged, as this would make a mess. So the first step is to detach the door and place it in a well-ventilated area, preferably on sawhorses. Next, remove all the hinges or detachable hardware such as knobs on your door so they won’t be accidentally painted over. Decorative glass or other accents should also be covered with masking tape.


Choose and visualize colors

Naturally, before painting your door, you would have to choose carefully as to which color would really give you the look you desire. It is a good idea to pick a color that contrasts well with the walls around the door, so it would make the room pop. There are color visualizers online that would allow you to see the result of painting your door in a certain color, so that you are sure about the color once you paint your door in reality.



Once you have chosen a color, it’s time to paint your door. As with any surface, clean your door before painting over it. Use a wet sponge and lightly sand the surface. Then, wipe the surface clean. Next, with a foam brush, apply a high-quality paint in the texture that you desire (semi-gloss or satin sheen is recommended). Paint the area in the center of the door first, and then go towards the edges. Do a first coat of paint, then allow to dry for the amount of time recommended in the paint’s label. For a long-lasting and beautiful finish, apply a second coat.


Return the door.

Once the second coat of paint dries, attach it back to its old place using the hinges and put back all the hardware that you detached from it earlier.


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