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• If your main water supply has a gate valve, it should be updated with a ball valve to avoid future problems. • We do not inspect for rodents. • GFCI outlets and panel breakers- During the inspections GFCI outlets and panel breakers are tripped and tested. Occasionally the fail to reset. In those cases, the item may need to be replaced or repaired. This is a normal outcome if these items have not been recently tested. • We only inspect roofs of single story and two-story homes that can be safely accessed by a 24-foot extension ladder. Beyond that, you would have to call a roofer to inspect it. • An inspection does not include items not permanently installed. • An inspection does not determine the advisability or inadvisability of the purchase of the inspected property. • An inspection will not identify concealed or latent defects. • An inspection does not determine the insurability of the property. • We do not inspect property fencing or carport gates. • We do not inspect Vacuum Systems • Gas powered Water Heaters are subject to possibly leaking CO. We do not inspect for that. • Fireplaces/Chimneys (electric, wood and/or gas) operated are not tested or inspected in any way as part of the inspection. Contact a chimney specialist for a detailed inspection • Generators are not inspected or tested for use and functionality. • Windows are not required to have screens. • Mechanical and electrical systems can fail at any time, very often with no advance warning. Therefore, this report deals only with the condition of such systems at the time of inspection and is not to be considered a guarantee or warranty as to future performance and does not consider deferred maintenance or general maintenance items. • Sprinkler systems are not checked on a regular basis unless a sprinkler inspection is ordered and paid for. • If we are hired to inspect a pool, the pool inspection is a visual non-destructive inspection. Below ground leaks in plumbing or general seepage may be observed in surface settling or a drop in the water level over time (which is beyond the scope of this inspection). Pool heater and salt systems are not inspected. • A home inspector is a generalist and the inspection is a visual non-invasive non-destructive inspection. We are not electricians, plumbers, HVAC or roofing specialists. We are not engineers. The inspection focuses on functionality and damage of systems. If a specialist is needed, we may be able to refer that specialist with a phone number listed in the report. • An inspection will not determine the suitability of the property for any use. • The inspection is performed in good faith and is a ‘snapshot in time’; it does NOT constitute a prediction that the home will perform adequately in the future. • The inspection is limited to visible and accessible components and areas only. • Inspectors are not allowed to plug in or unplug appliances. • An inspection is not technically exhaustive. • This home inspection is being conducted in accordance with the InterNACHI guidelines. • No guarantees or warranties are provided in connection with the home inspection. • Cracks and Voids in tiles and flooring are cosmetic and may not be reported. • The condition of the premises may change after the date of inspection due to many factors such as weather, moisture, leaks, actions taken by the owner or others, or the passage of time. This report reflects the condition of the premises at the time of the inspection. • If we must go back to the property for any updates made, there will be a Re-Inspection Fee. Please call the office for pricing and scheduling. • The home inspector is not required to move personal items, panels, furniture, equipment, plant life, soil, snow, ice or debris that obstructs access or visibility. • An inspection does not determine the life expectancy of the property or any components or systems therein. • An inspection will not deal with aesthetic concerns or what could be deemed matters of taste, cosmetic defects, etc. • No pest control, lead paint, asbestos, mold, or other types of testing are being performed unless separately contracted to do so. • We do not inspect Septic systems, Wells and Under Ground Pipes unless separately contracted. • Smoke and CO detectors should be replaced after closing to ensure proper operation, place and maintenance. Units should be tested on a monthly basis. • This is not a code compliance inspection. The local municipality should be contacted for any questions or concerns in relation to local building code. • Seasonal changes such as wind-driven rain, ice, and humidity may bring some defects to light that were not noted during your home inspection. Basements and attics that were dry at the time of the inspection can be damp or leak in later weeks or months. • We do not evaluate wire size being used for each appliance. • Window Treatments and Window Coverings are not inspected. • Luxury electronics, smart devices, internet connected devices, remote control devices including fans, alarms are not inspected. • Pool light should be tested by a licensed electrical contractor to ensure proper grounding. • An inspection does not determine the market value of the property or its marketability. • Some items or areas may not be inspected if they are blocked by furniture or stored items. • Pool Area – Pool Heaters are never checked during an inspection. • Pool Area – We always recommend a Pool Leak Detection service be performed in order to determine possible leaks in the pool. We are unable to determine if there is a leak without performing that service. Call 954-866-8694 to book a Pool Leak Detection Service. • We do not inspect water softening systems • We do not open or close accordion shutters or see If locks work or are complete. • We do not count panel shutters or verify they fit. • HVAC systems sizing- the sizing requirements for HVAC systems is determined by a licensed HVAC contractor or a licensed engineer. Home inspectors only inspect the unit’s current condition. • Unless contracted separately, we do not check for Chinese drywall during an inspection • Any Estimates, for repair, given by the home inspector are purely for the Buyer to help understand the value behind the observations. The Estimates are in no way to be considered a proposal to repair or to compare contractors. The Estimates may not include all hidden defects or consequences of the repair. Contractors may come in above or below these estimates. We do not recommend any specific Contractor to make repairs. 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