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How to Care for Stucco

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Stucco exteriors are very durable and relatively low-maintenance. Stucco is, after all, resistant to water (but not TOO much water), fire-resistant, and impervious to molding and decay. Paint is not even a necessity for stucco exteriors. However, it does still require at least minimal care if you want to maximize the longevity of your stucco home.

As with many materials, cleaning the surface of the stucco is key to its care and upkeep. Stucco surface is easily washed with even just mild soap and a garden hose. Start at the bottom of the wall and then go up the wall when the area is saturated. Cracks in stucco walls may also be lodged with dirt, and if it stays there too long, it can be problematic. You can prevent this by washing with water using the garden hose under the roof. This will remove the dirt and debris from the cracks. Continue spraying while dirt is falling down from the wall. Stop only when all of the dirt is washed away from the stucco wall.

After cleaning with water, examine your stucco wall for any cracks or other damages. This is an important part of caring for stucco, because once damage appears, then the life of the stucco exterior is significantly shortened. At the first sign of damage, repairs should immediately be undertaken. This an be done with stucco mixture or caulking.


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