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Make Your Space Look Bigger With Paint

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Nowadays, many people have to struggle with the challenge of living in cramped spaces, what with rising rental rates. While this is a downside to big-city living, people have also become more creative in coming up with ways to make a room “larger,” at least visibly. Painting a room a certain way is only one of the solutions to this problem. Here are some tips on how to use paint to your room’s advantage.

  1. All White
    When you paint your room a really clean and bright white, natural light is reflected much more easily. This in turn makes your room feel more airy and spacious. However, this doesn’t mean that your room should have no other color. You can choose decor and furniture in vibrant colors to make them pop against the all-white background of your room.
  2. Black
    “What?” you might be thinking. This is the exact opposite of the above mentioned strategy. However, painting your room black or any other really dark color opens up your smaller space and actually makes it look larger. It gives the illusion of your walls receding farther back than they really do. The bonus here is that your room acquires a mysterious and posh atmosphere.
  3.  Eyes on the Ceiling
    When you use a lighter color to paint your ceiling as compared to the color of the walls, this gives the illusion of higher ceilings. There’s nothing that makes a room feel more open and spacious than high ceilings
  4. Uniformity
    You can paint your trim, details, and walls in a variety of shades. However, it is best to use shades from the same color family to create a more cohesive look which will in turn make your room look much larger. For instance, light blue is in the same color family as grey. You can do further research on more color family schemes that go really well together.




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