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Paint Your Room With 2017’s Color Trends

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Past years’ subdued color choices have given way to stronger ones, which are the hues of choice for this year. Channel 2017’s energy by painting your rooms in this year’s color trends that pack a punch.

  1. Deep Turquoise
    For bedrooms and living rooms, designer Francesco Bilotto says that moodier tones are much preferred this year.  Lounges could benefit from Moroccan-inspired designs, which use deep and rich colors like dark turquoise. Bedroom walls painted a deep turquoise go well with décor with deep colors as well, such as orange and magenta.
  2. Windsor Pink
    This color has been named “millennial pink” as this famous (or infamous) sector of society exhibits a fondness for this shade of pink. It is a combination of peach and salmon hues that seems more like a neutral color, as it is not too bright nor dark. Hence, it has all the advantages of neutral colors such as giving your rooms a subdued feel, while still having pink’s characteristics of being light and playful
  3. Chinoiserie Red
    This color is another one that is moody and “serious” enough to make it to this year’s preferred tones. Chinoiserie red is exotic and rooms painted in this design or with furniture and décor in this color are striking and convey mystery.
  4. Dark Plum
    Going with this year’s bold theme, a dark plum shade of purple can be used not just on walls, but on décor and furniture such as kitchen cabinets. If you want to make a statement, splash this color onto your walls to create a dramatic effect.


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