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Painting a Girl’s Room

by | Jan 25, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

There is no shortage of fun and creative girls’ bedroom ideas, especially when it comes to paint. Girls have different personalities and there is no single color scheme that can apply to all girls’ rooms. Therefore, knowing your child’s personality is the first step to coming up with the proper color scheme for the room. Below are some ideas for painting your little girl’s bedroom.

  1. Rainbow
    For the really energetic kid, all of the bright hues of the rainbow are apt for the bedroom. Since you would be using a strong color palette, it is advisable to use particular shapes or other common theme more than once in order to have a sharp look. For instance, circle designs may be used on the rug, the walls, the bedding, and on artwork. To tone down the bold colors, you can use white or other neutral colors for some of the furniture.
  2. Orange
    While the traditional color for girls’ rooms is pink, you can veer away from tradition and go modern by painting the room with shades of orange (like pumpkin or sherbet), with some other contrasting color, such as electric blue. Keeping up with the modern aesthetic, geometric prints should instead replace the traditional floral prints
  3. Aqua and Pink
    The two of these colors create a very fresh and uplifting look to any room, especially a girl’s room. Create a blocking aesthetic with these two colors by painting one section with only one color, and another section with the other color. This makes the room look more crisp and modern.
  4. Polka-Dot
    The polka-dot theme is a classic and would do well for the room of a girl with a classic taste. Use a tasteful color combination for the background paint and the dots, such as black and white. You also can’t go wrong with using colors from the same color family. This makes the room design look more cohesive, subdued, and tasteful.


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