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Do you get frustrated with insurance claims? That  stress  can  be  multiplied  when  it’s  roof damage you’re filing for. “Should I include this damage  or  leave  it  out?  Should  I  file  at all?” Trying to answer these questions can be challenging, but our professionals can make it easy  for  you!  With  our  Insurance  claim assistance, we’ll  guide you  through the  filing process, help you collect evidence, and equip you to make an informed decision on how to move  forward.  Eager  to  begin? Call  us  at 1- 800-376-2030 and schedule your inspection


One of the most essential steps in your filing process is deciding whether or not to actually make  the  claim.  A  detailed  inspection  from your  personal  professional  uncovers  the damage pertinent to your claim.

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If you’ve ever  struggled to get an  insurance provider  to  pay  out a claim, you  know how essential evidence  collection  is  for  getting  a  favorable  outcome!  Be  sure  to  take  before  photos. Our professionals  document  their  findings  in  a  detailed  inspection  report,  which  you  can  use as evidence for your damage claim. That report should also include a project quote for replacement, depending on the extent of the damage.


Armed with the details from your inspection, you’ll know your best route for moving forward. Make sure you file your roof damage claim within a month of the storm or other emergency, or you may have a harder  time  getting  them  to  cover  all  your  expenses!  Should replacement prove a more cost-effective choice, you might take this opportunity (and the funds from your insurance company) to upgrade to more durable materials. We can Handle Your Insurance Claim

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