Water Damage by PIPE failures

When a pipe bursts or a water heater begins to leak, the water doesn’t automatically turn off. Water keeps leaking where you don’t want it to go, damaging and often ruining wallboard, carpeting, furniture and  other items. We can stop the leak, replace failed plumbing  components, and  provide necessary drying, dehumidification and water damage restoration. We also can perform repair and maintenance work to prevent future water damage in your home.

Whether your home is flooding from a plumbing failure, from groundwater, or is simply moldy and humid, our experts have the skills, training, and professional experience to solve water and excess moisture problems. A home damaged by water or flooding should be repaired right away to prevent

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Prompt, expert action can minimize damage

Laundry Leak. An old washing machine supply hose can crack, leak and flood a large area. Many homeowners also elect to upgrade different components to avoid costly leaks and flooding in the future. For example, replacing standard rubber supply hoses for the washing machine with heavy-duty, high-pressure hoses is a smart and inexpensive upgrade.

We can also integrate a “flood alarm” into your waterproofing system. This alarm sounds off when it detects flooding water. Newer systems can even be integrated with your home alarm system — enabling you to be notified by phone when the flooding occurs.

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