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The Right Way to Paint Stucco

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

1 – Clean the surface.
When the surface is not clean, the paint won’t stick well, no matter how good the quality of the paint is. Hence, it is important to thoroughly clean any surface you are working on. For stucco, a strong power washing is needed for cleaning and removing old paint. Scrub dirty parts of the surface with a coarse nylon brush and powdered detergent dissolved in hot water.


2 – Repair the cracks.
While this step is important, you do not need to patch over all the cracks. This only needs to be done on the particularly big cracks that you can get your fingernail into. Use a high quality exterior grade acrylic latex caulk to fill in large cracks. Wipe away the excess caulking using a damp sponge. Do not bother patching hairline cracks as doing so might result in over-patching.


3 – Use two coats
One coat is not recommended. Because stucco has a high level of absorption, you will have to use two coats of paint. Furthermore, the second coat of paint will hide the cracks and repairs done on the stucco.


4 – Do NOT use a paint brush.
Use a roller or an airless sprayer when painting stucco, and not a brush. For small surfaces, a roller works best. Otherwise, use an airless sprayer to do the job, as it is much easier to apply.


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