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Should you go green?

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

While most owners think that cost of construction only refers to the cost of the material (plus labor, of course), this is simply not true. In a holistic sense, the use of space should also be factored in as part of construction cost. For instance, it is much more practical and less expensive in the long run if you buy expensive equipment that would in fact save you money each month on water and electricity bills.

This is where going green comes in. “Green” or environment-friendly construction materials are big on efficiency – using up less energy with the same result. Instead of the usual appliances, acquire some green products that are common in the market today. There are so many choices, like water-efficient fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen. Not only are these great for the environment, they will make you so much happier too for cutting out a significant portion of the water bill.

Taking it green a notch higher, you might want to consider using alternative energy to power your home. Home wind turbines, solar panels, and solar water heaters are just some of the options. Sure, they are much more expensive, but they cut down your electricity use to practically zero (if you source all your energy from them). What’s more, if your home uses less power than what your alternative energy system produces, utility companies might buy power from YOU, instead of the other way around. How neat is that?


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