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Stucco Problems and How to Fix them

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

  • Installation
    Installation is a very important component for determining the durability of stucco homes and exteriors. Since stucco is made up of many layers, each one has to be done carefully by an experienced laborer or contractor, or else the material will be wrongly applied, leading to problems like water intrusion caused by incorrect flashing. As we know, the intrusion of water into stucco results in expensive damage like cracking which needs to be repaired immediately if you want your stucco wall to last. Cracking can also come from stucco sand combining with the soil around your house. All of these problems can be prevented by hiring a very competent worker or contractor to do the stucco installation for you. He or she should ensure that every phase of the installation is done properly.
  • Water Damage
    The homeowner also has a hand in keeping the integrity of the stucco walls. Most importantly, stucco must be kept away from moisture, as this is its big weakness. Once moisture permeates the stucco, the wall may be severely damaged. This can be prevented by ensuring special care to keep out moisture, such as sealing all the windows and doors tightly so that water can’t set into the stucco.
  • Paint Color Commitment
    The color of your paint has to be decided before you start stucco installation, as it is quite challenging to change colors and apply another coat of paint over the surface. Before putting on a new color of paint, you must first sandblast the stucco, Otherwise, moisture issues may affect the stucco later on.


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