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Stucco Repair

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

You might think that the stucco exteriors in your home are seamless, but you should always inspect closer, as they could be hiding cracks and show buckling, which are effects of water getting into it and damaging the wood lath underneath. Sadly, one of the disadvantages of stucco is that it is susceptible to damage from water, which is why it is not recommended for areas with heavy and constant rainfall.

Once you notice blisters or cracks in your stucco home, you should get to repairing this right away, or else the damage to the stucco will only worsen. While stucco exteriors can last for over 50 years, sometimes even up to 100 years, once stucco cracks, the exterior’s life is significantly shortened if not attended to right away.

Before applying a new layer, you should break off the loose stucco. Next, chip away at the edges of the exterior, and then cover the exposed lath. After this, you may now add mesh, and then mix the stucco. Sling the mixture on the wall, and scratch it to create texture. Afterwards, apply the second coat of stucco, and after drying, put on the finish coat. Wait for this to dry again, before finally painting over the stucco exterior.


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