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Stucco Wall and its Uses

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Stucco is not, strictly speaking, a building material. However, it is not just a thin veneer, either. It is the finish applied to the wall. Therefore, a stucco wall is not entirely made of stucco. It has a base which is then covered in layers of stucco.


The usual way to do this is by covering wooden walls with chicken wire and tar paper or metal screening that is galvanized, known as casing bead. Wooden laths may make up interior walls. Afterwards, this base is applied with layers of stucco mixture, which is different kinds of cement combined together. There is a scratch coat, which the first layer. And then, there is a brown coat covering the scratch coat once it dries. What is visible to us is the finish coat, which is tinted.


Preparation is much easier for masonry walls, which includes concrete block and damaged brick that homeowners don’t want to be seen. To do this, you brush on a bonding agent to the surface, and then apply stucco mixture to the masonry surface, which is first power-washed and prepared.

The abovementioned methods are useful for covering up ugly surfaces which we don’t want to be visible. It is simple and easy to do so, as long as quality products and tools are on hand. And because stucco is such a durable and reliable material, you can count on it to last far longer than you expect, as long as there is no significant damage such as cracks, which can be caused by too much moisture or soil around the house mixing with sand in the stucco exteriors.


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