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Transform Your Boring Stucco Home into a Glamorous Estate

by | Jun 7, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

While stucco has many advantages which makes it so popular with homeowners and designers, it can look a bit dull and boring if you don’t work with it creatively. You can easily fix this by adding other elements into the mix. Instead of an old, uninspired home, make a few changes to have a brighter, bolder, and more contemporary stucco home that looks good both from outside and inside.
An idea for transformation is to take out old elements from your home such as the roof and applying new and clean stucco that will act as a blank canvas for your new designs. Add windows in geometric shapes and patterns and mix in corrugated metal sheets for an urban aesthetic. Such a look is popular nowadays with shipping container homes and loft-style living places. Taking on this look will transform your stucco box of a home into one that has more flow and space, establishing a modern feel.
Old stucco houses also tend to have too few windows, so continue giving your place an airy and bright atmosphere by putting up as many windows as possible to open up the space. To emulate loft-style places, you can create a double-height space from the upper floor of your house. You can also add exposed beams and raw polished concrete floors, which are features of loft-style homes. It is also a good idea to establish outdoor spaces suitable for entertainment. Instead of being mere leftover space, yards can be transformed into outdoor dining areas with a posh yet welcoming design.


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