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How to use a Roller for Painting Stucco

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Blog | 1 comment

While a sprayer may be used to paint stucco, you may also choose to use a roller, especially for smaller projects. Here are some tips on applying paint using a roller.

Acquiring your rollers
Rollers wear out really fast. Therefore, it is advisable to stock up on many rollers to finish the project, and not just one. To really get into the lower areas of the surface and those around the corners, you should use a roller with at least a 3/8” nap.

How to roll
Do not use too much pressure when rolling paint. This is much easier, plus your paint supply will last much longer. Do not use just one pattern when rolling. It is best to use different motions, in order to blend the paint much better and conceal paint edges that would otherwise be visible after painting.

Use a second coat of paint
Stucco has a high level of absorption. Because of this, using only one coat of paint might result in a very dull finish. Eliminate this problem by using two coats of paint. First, apply the primer coat and wait for it to dry. This would take around at least 24 hours. You will see that the first coat would indeed look quite dull. After, you may apply the second coat for a much better, vibrant finish.

Painting around windows and doors
On the trim around any windows or doors, you should use a smaller roller setup. This is to prevent accidentally painting over unintended surfaces. After painting around them, you may use a small paintbrush to do the fine details.

Stucco painting is really quite easy, once you have these tips in mind. Here’s one extra tip: It is best to use stucco paint that is specially formulated to stick to the cement. Enjoy painting!


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