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Why You Should Use Stucco

by | Feb 8, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Stucco is made of cement, lime, and silica poured in layers over metal lath or over wood. Stucco as a home siding has its advantages, which is why many people purchasing homes or renovating their old ones prefer it. Take a look at some of these pros below to decide whether stucco is really for you.

  1. Energy-Efficient
    A house with stucco siding does not require a lot of energy to keep warm in winter and cool in the summer. This is so because the cement, lime, and silica combination of stucco essentially forms a concrete shell around your space, and thus provides ample insulation. Less energy use equals savings on electricity.
  2. Less Noise
    By the same principle, the concrete component of stucco also minimizes the transmission of sound. This is advantageous especially in really populated neighborhoods and packed apartments. None of us wishes the neighbor to know what we ate for dinner or any other detail of our lives that should stay in the privacy of our homes. This is one of the main reasons why stucco has been a standard preference for homeowners.
  3. Long-Lasting
    Using stucco as a home exterior costs more than other types of exterior. However, there is a reason for this, and that is durability. Unlike other home exteriors, stucco can last for more than 50 years. It is even easy to maintain, which frees up your time for more important concerns. It does not succumb to molds, mildews, and rot. Interestingly, stucco is also fire retardant, and it has more than once prevented forest fires from affecting homes.All of the above is more than enough reason to go stucco for your home exterior


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