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Window Replacement: The Best Type for Your Home

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Blog, windows | 0 comments

While windows can last for a relatively long time, there are some signs for when you need to get new ones, such as having frost or condensation on the inside, or when your windows are cracked, loose, or drafts freely blow through them. However, you have to know what kind of replacement you would have to do before actually replacing your windows. There are three main options for window replacement, which are:

  1. Whole window replacement
  2. Window sash replacement
  3. Window sash and frame replacement

An entire window unit replacement is recommended when the whole unit is too damaged for repair. You would have to dispose of the old trim and casings. This phase has to be handled carefully, as the house is exposed and open while installing your window replacements. However, this also gives the best results, because everything would be entirely new – including the trim, flashing, insulation, and sealants.


A window sash replacement is the easiest option, because only the glass panels or the sash are replaced, and they are the easiest components to replace. However, this is only recommended if the window frame is still in good working condition, meaning it doesn’t have water damage and it is square. While this option is the easiest, it is on the less aesthetic side, because new sashes can make the old frames stand out.


Lastly, you can go for a sash and frame replacement if the window frame has signs of wear and tear, but the jambs are still in good working condition. With this option, a replacement window frame will be put into the old window jambs.


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