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Safety & security has always been a top priority for UNITED GBC .

Our goal is to make sure we do not put any of our customers, vendors or employees in a situation where they may be exposed to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 unnecessarily. For that reason, we have implemented more advanced cleaning & sanitization standards, working processes to follow the national guidelines. This may include limiting the number of people we have at a job or estimate at one-time, the number of staff in the office and our hours of operation. As of now, our plan is for our warehouse to stay open, and we’ll advise if anything changes.

For our Window Replacement Customers, we can measure your Windows to be replaced from the Outside making it not necessary for our mechanic or sales personnel to enter your home, only is some rare cases or special Installations we may have to inspect the interior of existing windows and our personnel will take all proper precautions.

Please call us should you have any questions.


We want to take this opportunity to thank

All First Responders, All Doctors, All Nurses and all other Medical Personnel for their Heroic efforts



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